About Us

Formed in 1994, the Kapiti Coast Safer Community Council (as it was then known) was one of many such Safer Community Councils (or SCC) set up around the country by Central Government's Crime Prevention Unit in partnership with the relevant local authority (in our case the Kapiti Coast District Council). 

The decision to change the official name of the organisation to better reflect its base as a Charitable Trust was made and in November 2002, the Kapiti Coast Safer Community Council legally became known as the Kapiti Safer Community Trust (KSCT).


The Trust is under going another name change to better reflect our work in and with the community. From October 2014 the Trust will be officially known as ASK - A Safe Kapiti.  The ASK offices are situated at 18 Seaview Road, First Floor, Paraparaumu Beach. 

ASK continues to provide leadership, advice and strategic direction in the community by interacting with key stakeholders and agencies in Kapiti through networking, meetings and focus groups. We use our knowledge and expertise to manage, coordinate and encourage the development of new initiatives through the pursuit of the following goals:

  • To support and advocate for community initiatives that aim to enhance individual and community safety.
  • Raise community awareness of crime prevention needs and initiatives through campaigns, programs and information gathering & dissemination. 
  • To reduce youth offending by providing integrated services for young people at risk. 
  • To support at risk families and reduce family violence. 
  • To facilitate and/or participate in inter-agency based projects and advisory groups which aim to increase community safety and well-being.


The Trust holds under its wing the following services:

  • Crime Prevention 
  • Initiatives Family Support Services 
  • Family Violence Initiative 
  • Strengthening Families 
  • Youth Justice Community Youth Programme 
  • The "Am I OK" school behavioural programme 
  • Kapiti Neighbourhood Support


Our early intervention/prevention approach to our service provision and crime prevention initiatives has been a key driver in the successes of our early intervention behavioural programme "Am I Ok" that originated and has been facilitated by the Trust through Kapiti primary schools. 

This has also assisted the Trust to develop individual relationships as a vital element and link to local groups to unite on relevant issues ensuring we collectively best meet the ever growing needs of the community. 

Strategic Planning

The Trust’s work is guided by our four strategic priorities. The priorities outline where we will focus our efforts and provide us with a valuable framework for our planning and decision-making, enabling us to target our resources so that we can be as effective as possible. The four strategic priorities currently and their related goals are:

  1. Reduction in Youth Offending

        The Trust recognises the importance of “early intervention” as a means to prevent children and young people drifting into crime at an older age. In order to achieve this we focus on:

  • Using a collaborative strength-based approach when working with young people and their families allowing our services to focus on fostering greater resiliency through the protective factors of family, education, community and peers.
  • Ensuring that our services and the Strengthening Families process are accessible to those families in need. 
  • Providing Integrated Support Services to individuals/families to assist with their re-integration into the community.
  1. Reduction in Domestic Violence & Alcohol Related Crime

        We are working towards zero tolerance for family violence on the Kapiti Coast and increasing awareness of family violence in order to involve the whole community and to create a social climate that supports behavioural change.

  1. Increase Community Safety and Well-being
  • Maintaining support for the vital community work and potential development of services and supporting community programs that continue to be a major focus for the Trust. 
  • Development of new projects as part of improving our crime prevention activities and working in collaboration with other community groups, Government Agencies, Police and the Kapiti Coast District Council.
  • Contributing and collaborating with Police to ensure Voluntary Community Support Groups are effective, efficient and pro-active in their operations.
  1. Building knowledge and expertise
  • All staff and other organizations will be supported to reach their potential through ongoing training and professional development;
  • Actively participating in community initiatives and programmes that enhance personal knowledge.

Partners and relationships

ASK still enjoys relationships with both the Kapiti Coast District Council and the Police, who continue to operate in partnership with each other. Important relationships have also been developed with a number of other Central Government Agencies such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development and Child Youth & Family Services.

As a community based organisation development of relationships with other community organisations is also an integral aspect of ASK's ability to accurately reflect and effectively act upon community need. Interaction with Schools, Social Service providers, Kapiti Youth Support and other Community organisations through networking, meetings & focus groups and individual relationship development continues to be a vital element in the work of ASK.

ASK maintains membership of the Kapiti Youth Workers Network, both Otaki and Kapiti Social Services, Child Youth & Family Care & Protection Panel and a number of other community networks. 

The Future

ASK looks forward to maintaining and further developing its presence in the Kapiti community:

  • Maintaining support for the vital community work and potential development of services offered by ASK Family Support Service and other existing community programs will continue to be a major focus for the Trust. 
  • Ensuring that the Strengthening Families program on the Kapiti Coast is accessible to those families in need. 
  • Improving our Crime Prevention activities and strengthening the Neighbourhood Support and Community Night Patrols is also part of our mandate for the future. 
  • Working towards zero tolerance for family violence on the Kapiti Coast and delivering the message that family violence is not OK. 
  • Development of new projects and working in collaboration with other community groups, Government Agencies and the Kapiti Coast District Council.

Charitable Trust Status

Certificate of Incorporation (WN/667957)
Incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 on the 12th day of June 1996 and changed its name to Kapiti Safer Community Trust on the 5th day of December 2002 and changed its name to A Safe Kapiti on the 2nd day of September 2014.
Charities Commission certificate of registration number: CC32176

Contact A Safe Kapiti

Phone 0800 50 20 66
[email protected]
Airport Annex Building
Dakota Road
Kapiti Coast Airport
Paraparaumu Beach 5032